Are you an EdTech company? Join us and kick-start your development activities! We enable the development and testing of smart innovations in Helsinki’s primary schools, upper secondary schools, and other learning environments.

Helsinki’s Learning Environments as a Test Platform

Finland is known for its world-class education. We have highly competent teachers who have the best knowledge of the everyday practicalities of teaching. Helsinki assists innovative EdTech companies by providing the possibility to incorporate the teachers’ vast potential into companies’ product development processes. As a city, we facilitate the cooperation of companies and schools in a whole new way.

We offer companies operating models that provide an easy and hassle-free way to start a test. The test can be related to educational technologies, but we also facilitate other than purely technology-focused, innovative tests.

What do the test platform activities offer to EdTech companies?

We warmly welcome companies of different sizes and in different stages of the development process to participate in the tests. We particularly encourage companies that provide novelty value or valuable information for the development of teaching and learning to join the tests. We also offer the opportunity to test the suitability of products or services in the education sector – even in cases where the company has not previously operated in the area of education. Upon completion of the tests, all companies receive a reference, which can be utilized as part of the company’s own marketing activities. Cooperation with the teachers of Helsinki also offers credibility for the product internationally.

To whom are the solutions developed for?

The target groups for the tests vary from learners, teachers, other school staff, staff from other sites, custodians of students, and city specialists. 

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Different tests according to company needs

We have developed different models for implementing tests. Click on the titles below to learn more about our different test models. 

We warmly welcome companies to cooperate with us!


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