What is Testbed Helsinki?

Through the Testbed Helsinki website you can comprehensively find development and testing opportunities for new products and services offered by the City of Helsinki. The site is specifically aimed at companies and RDI actors. The key content areas of our testing platform activities are EdTech, Built Environment, Circular Economy, Health & Wellbeing, and Smart Mobility.

As part of Helsinki’s 2017-2020 strategy to be the most functional city in the world, The City of Helsinki’s goal is to develop their entire city into a platform for testing and enabling innovative business solutions. With the Testbed Helsinki website, we highlight the diverse opportunities the City of Helsinki offers for developing new solutions that both promote business opportunities for companies and create well-being for all citizens of Helsinki.

The city’s development and testing platforms – known as testbeds – are physical or virtual environments in which development activities are accessible for all partners of the city. The development and testing of new products and services are carried out in real-life conditions together with companies, city staff, end-users, universities, polytechnics, and research institutes. The city’s resources, such as buildings or data, as well as service units, such as schools and health centers, are utilized as product development environments in the development and test platform activities.

The Business Department of the Helsinki City Office coordinate and implement the city’s development and test platform activities in close co-operation with industry sectors of the city as well as with companies and businesses belonging to the city corporation. The innovation company Forum Virum Helsinki works as a central partner in implementing the practical test platform activities.

Please note that the test opportunities offered by the City of Helsinki to companies are not a route to the city’s procurement. If a test that is carried out in co-operation with the city is linked to a procurement implemented by the city, this will be clearly communicated separately.

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  • Kimmo Heinonen

  • Leading Specialist, Team Leader
    City of Helsinki
    Economic Development: Innovations and New Experiments
  • Santtu von Bruun

  • Head of Unit
    City of Helsinki
    Economic Development: Innovations and New Experiments