Smart Mobility

Smart mobility operator, join us and kick-start your development activities! We offer the possibility to test and develop new smart transport and mobility solutions in the right urban environment and together with city residents.

What do the test platform activities offer to smart mobility companies?

Helsinki is known as a forerunner in smart mobility whether it’s related to open data and APIs, new services, and automation. We have a long history in opening and exploiting data, lots of high-tech experts, as well as a functional and enabling environment for testing and developing new solutions. New service and technologies are developed and piloted together with the city, companies, researchers, and citizens.

Jätkäsaari area as a test environment for smart mobility

Particularly The Jätkäsaari District and West Harbour area serve as a central location and living lab for promoting smart mobility tests. As a growing residential district near downtown Helsinki, with limited space and a busy passenger port situated within the area, Jätkäsaari faces typical urban environment traffic challenges. Therefore, the area serves as an opportune test environment for testing and demonstrating the functionality and potential of new technologies and services. Together, we try to find suitable places for testing promising ideas. The availability of new data and smart infrastructure is also created for and through testing.

Various traffic and mobility tests have already been carried out in the area for several years, which has formed a solid foundation for resident co-operation. Residents and other actors in the area are included both in identifying needs and as test users to provide feedback for new services.

To whom are the solutions developed for?

The smart mobility testbed activities offer opportunities for a variety of actors, from startups seeking first references to large companies and researchers. The tested solutions should aim to tackle challenges related to transport and mobility. In other words, the expected impact of the solutions should work towards smoother and safer traffic and mobility, as well as combat the negative impacts of poor air quality and emissions. In addition, the solutions should provide novelty value as well as new information and insights.

The focus of the tests is on digital solutions and smart services – be it IoT solutions, artificial intelligence, MyData, or new mobility devices and services. The target audience can be the end-users or a specific user group, such as the elderly, school kids, or tourists. Several schools, daycares, and hotels can be found in the area. Then again, the solutions can also be directed to businesses or the public sector. These solutions could focus on new technologies, data production, the development of the traffic situational picture, or analysis services.

Different services and solutions aimed at users have been developed and tested in Jätkäsaari, such as shared cargo bikes and smart pedestrian crosswalks, as well as situational awareness and traffic management services for the harbor.

Supporting and facilitating testing

We support the development and testing of new solutions through different means. These include:

  • finding the right people in the city organization for implementing tests and assessing its usefulness
  • finding suitable locations for implementing tests from the city environment and streets
  • helping resident engagement and supporting communication and visibility of the tests
  • a collaborative meeting and working space in the startup center Maria 01
  • support in finding local partners or investors
  • occasional open calls for quick and agile tests
  • ability to invest in smart infrastructure that enables the testing of new innovations

We primarily aim to promote the testing of business-oriented ideas and solutions through collaboration and an enabling environment. Tests are not funded through the Smart Mobility test platform, apart from the exception of open calls for agile tests, in which testing costs are reimbursed to the players with the best proposals. Also, smart mobility tests do not function as a by-pass for public procurement. Nonetheless, we are happy to facilitate the widest possible implementation for the best of solutions together with our partners.

More information

More information on the activities and opportunities can be found from Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab’s website The activity is coordinated by the City of Helsinki, together with the city’s innovation company, Forum Virium Helsinki.

If you are developing a product or service you would need to test in an urban environment, please contact us!


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  • Juho Kostiainen

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    City of Helsinki
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